10 September 2009

A Sorrowful Day For Park Jae Beom.

I find anti-fans are a bit too overboard with this. I'd try to explain right here and then but it's not like my ministrations would make a difference. But, if I wanted to, I'd probably write this:

Appointed to the netizens and anti's: Have you no shame? Couldn't you have considered his feelings? He was a teenager back then and he was having a real hard time when he first came. The culture was different, the food was different, the language was unfamiliar, he didn't have any friends and his family was all the way in the States which he only gets to visit ONCE A YEAR, mind you. Don't even try to compare his situation to Nichkhun's because his family was in Thailand and he could visit almost anytime he was free. Jae was stressed from the intense training and from trying to get used to the food and culture there which he knew nothing of. He was only 18 at that time and any teenager in their right mind would have to complain at some point. And there's nothing wrong with complaining to your best friend when you need him/her. Jae Beom was having a hard time and his best friend was there to console him. Training is not a vacation. I'm no scientist but I'd say that training hard to be a highly respected star is 5 times harder than studying for your SATs. It's not easy to be a celebrity. Netizens make it seem as if once you have it all you can just kick back and relax. Sorry to burst your bubble, but these celebrities work hard before they get there and they still continue working hard to stay there. Jae Beom was definitely one who worked hard then and now. Slowly, he adapted to his surroundings and his tongue became more familiar with the language. He also started making new friends. He's completely changed now and he even exclaimed that he is proud to be a Korean. Doesn't that satisfy you enough? He even apologized for more than a million times for his immature behaviour. He's a grown man now. He is no longer an ignorant, typical teenager. He's turned over a new leaf. He is a magnificent leader of 2PM and 2PM just wouldn't be the same without him. 2PM just started receiving massive acknowledgment not only in Korea but from around the world as well. Their popularity peaked all the way to the top this year. This is only because they are talented young men and they put on a real image. '2PM is not seven, but one' they exclaimed. Their fans, namely the Hottests, are all very dissatisfied with this sort of behaviour of the netizens and anti-fans. Even those who aren't fans find that this treatment is unfair. Really, this is just heart-breaking. I think I've said enough.

If this doesn't get through, then maybe this will:

Korean netizens and anti-fans are the most hated people in the world. They don't let go. NOBODY LIKES NETIZENS! Just think about it, 2PM climbed over the top and now with Jae gone, their popularity will be jeopardized. I've only got one thing left to say and I hope that this doesn't offend South Koreans generally. You netizens are South Koreans right? Prove to the world that you aren't North Koreans because you netizens surely act like them. North Korea is a communist country. Netizens are merciless and thoughtless. See the similarity? Please think before you act. "We Americans don't think, we DO." quoted from the movie, Night at the Museum. Korean netizens, are you Americans too?

That's all I have to say.

To Jae Beom, stay healthy. Spend time with your family and old friends. We, the Hottests, fans, JYPE, friends, family and 2PM, all love you very much and don't you ever let that slip off your mind. We'll be waiting. Park Jae Beom HWAITING! SARANGHAE!<3

05 September 2009


So, recently I'm working on some fanfics. Okay, to be honest, I'm only working on one and I still haven't finished it and it's only a one-shot(meaning it's a short fanfic). That's cuz I've been busy catching up on my boys on youtube and I stumbled upon this interesting episode of Star King. Star King is this famous show in Korea where people appear to showcase their talent and people all over the world have been watching and participating in Star King. This particular episode I stumbled upon is episode 120 and I particularly like this part:

HAHAHAHA! OMG. FUNNY! I couldn't get the cut one though so you're gonna have to watch a bit of the next participant mmpfft. hahaha.

Till next time.

01 September 2009

The Great Birhtday Wish List!

Okay, my birthday's coming up and most of you thoughtful people don't even know what to get for my birthday.



Yes, I definitely want Lee Dong Hae for my birthday! He'd be the best birthday present of all time! Someone better get me Dong Hae or I'll really jump down an imaginary building! :D

2. Super Junior Super Show II in Malaysia!

And front row seats and backstage passes to go with it! I know. There's a price to pay. But I'll love you so f-ing much if you could get hold of the tickets! I'll pay for it! :)

3. Super Junior 3rd Album.

I still don't have the album, you know. Dad's so stingy. :( He won't let me buy. Hmph.

4. Hugs and kisses! ;)

Okay, maybe not the kisses. But I'd like to receive hugs from whoever who wishes me! :)

Thanks! :D

This may not be specific enough but really I'd like just about anything for a present. It's the thought that counts, right? In fact, there's no need for a present! Just birthday wishes and hugs would make my day already! :)

Just so you know, my birthday's on the 18th of September. :)

26 August 2009

Blog Intro. ;)

This, my dears, is a new and improved blog of mine where I rat out on people in the form of stories! Other than that, this blog is also for fanfiction and random outbursts.

Hi, I'm Nabilah. And this is my blog. Period. :)